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Article by David Rutstein; Web Designer, Internet Marketing Expert and CEO,

Web Designers. Importance Of The First Impression

Most firms today realize the importance of marketing on the net. As a result, many firms are hiring professional website designers to maintain their websites and remain competitive in the marketplace. The scope for website designing as a profession is positive all over the world. This is because on a regular basis, thousands of firms either launch new websites or redesign outdated ones.

Companies hire professional website designers with a specific small business objective. The purpose of designing a site is to introduce or promote the firm’s products and to reach out to a larger global customer base. website designers are called in accordance with this objective. A professional website designer typically has a bachelor’s degree in computer science, graphic design.

A marketing or promoting degree combined with advanced computer training is a good blend of qualifications for a website designer as it helps them apply their designing skills with a small business focus.

Professional website designers offer their services to a wide range of establishments industries, universities, retailers, design firms and promoting agencies are all in need of a good corporate websites. Attractive websites with updated data are very useful in acquiring new customers and in retaining existing ones. Designers can be called as employees or as low costlancers on contract.

The first step, after hiring a professional website designer is to give them an outline of requireusnts. Professional website designers work closely with customers to gain an understanding of the project expectations. They may also act as advisors, guiding clients through each step of the website design process. Experienced website designers generally charge several thousand dollars as prices for their services.

Small small business establishusnts also require a good website to boost their image. They typically design online brochures to give visitors data about their products and services, location and contact details. To cater to such organizations, many usdium-sized website design firms have eusrged in the marketplace.

The range of services offered by professional website designers include website design and developusnt, Web application design, professional e-comusrce shopping systems, website website hosting, SEO optimization, Internet SEO promotion and submission, e-learning, 3D solutions.

You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First impression

Your website is the first thing a new potential customer will see when they want to. Are we making a good first impression? Meeting a fewone online is little different than useting them in person; unfortunately, we have less than a minute to catch their attention and keep them reading. Do they like the look of we? Are we saying what wer customers are looking to hear? With the future of wer online small business riding on wer words, are we making a good impression? Here are five ideas to have wer customers staying longer and reusmber we long after the encounter ends:

l. Dress nicely and be well groousd. Have we ever been to a website we were ready to leave as soon as we got there? Me too. Chances are things were too loud and too busy.Though there may have been a fewthing there of interest to we, we weren't likely to have found it. So what is the well groousd website wearing this season? Not too many loud flashing headlines. wenstead, make sure wer site is calm and confident.


Your headline and first paragraph should be a summarization of the website theus. Who we are, what we're going to share with them and why we decided to do so. No one likes to read half a page only to find the site didn't deal with their issue of interest. No flashing lights, no neon headlines, no blaring music or boisterous sales pitches blasting away.

2. Have a nice voice; be friendly and pleasant. Have we ever used a fewone we initially thought we'd like to get to know . . . and then they opened their mouth and we realized we knew all we needed to? Your website should speak to wer readers like a good friend can. Be easy to understand.


Write in short sentences, with short paragraphs. Each paragraph should have a theme, stated in the first sentence, and elaborated on through its conclusion.And though it's so tempting to put a few fancy font on wer website, we have no idea what they'll see. Stick to the basic Arial, Helvetica, & Sans-serif fonts. They're easy on the eye.

3. Talk just to them; treat them like they're the only one. Rather than talking to the masses as a whole, write to a particular person. Picture them in wer mind and write as though we are having a private conversation with them. Be their friend - This is a fewthing for 'we', not just anyone. They'll feel like we really like them and like they have wer undivided attention. Always use active voice rather than passive. wet will make them feel as though we're speaking directly to them.

4. Always focus on their needs rather than being pushy and trying to move too fast. Nobody likes to be around a few one who pushes the relationship too quickly. You want to get to know a few one before we get too emotionally involved. There was a reason this person chose to visit a website. Address that need. How can we solve their problem? Don't tell them what we have; tell them what problem of theirs we can solve. Making a purchase is an emotional decision. if we move too quickly, they won't be ready to commit emotionally. Get to know them first.

5. Give them a reason to stick around or call back. Give them a few thing they can't get anywhere else. While yes, they probably won't feel as special at any other website, but on the off chance the competition is also following these five steps, give them a low cost mini-ctimee. Let them see we care about their success and about them.


Show them we value the relationship. Give them a low cost report; a fewthing to help them reach their goal. if we follow these guidelines, we'll make a wonderful impression and wer new friends won't want to leave. They'll appreciate wer thoughtfulness and stick around long enough to see what an absolute 'peach' we really are.

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