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Oxford Life was founded in 1965 in the Grand Canyon State of Arizona. Oxford Life primarily provides financial services to the senior market by facilitating life insurance, annuity and Medicare supplement policies. Oxford Life is part of AMERCO which is a publicly traded financial company.

Oxford Life conducts its operations through subsidiaries which include North American Insurance Company and Christian Fidelity Life Insurance Company. The organization has a GAAP asset base that is worth $1.9 billion as of 2016. According to ACL Oxford Life's risk base capital is 92 per cent. Oxford Life was also one of the best performing life insurance companies for financial safety and security during 2014, 2015 and 2016 and was honored by being included in Wards 50 Benchmark Group. 

Oxford Life Benefits Include:

  • Excellent agent commissions - NAAIP Guarantees Highest Payouts - 120% first year - 5% residual for FEX
  • Assurance Final Expense Policies - Among the lowest rates in the industy - Lower rates than Foresters, Mutual of Omaha, etc.
  • Available to individuals between the ages of 50 - 85
  • Available coverage from $5,000 to $30,000
  • Affordable rates that will never increase
  • Coverage will never decrease as long as premiums are paid
  • Policy cannot be cancelled as long as premiums are paid
  • Death benefits paid directly to the beneficiary of your choice federal income-tax free
  • Your policy will develop cash values
  • No medical exams required, a simple medical questionnaire
  • Two year look-back on strokes, cancer, heart attacks, etc.
  • Preferred rates for insulin dependent diabetics
  • Immediate eligibility decision made during the point-of-sale interview
  • No KO medications. Looking at general health of applicant
  • Quick and easy - get a "qualified" or "not qualified" decision in minutes!
  • No medical or prescription questions or drill downs.
  • InstaWriteSM is available online or by phone.
  • No telephone interview required.
  • Online assessment is available 24/7. Compatible with tablets & smart phones.
  • Face-to-Face sales for FEX (stay tuned for updates)
  • Rates based upon your current age at the time the policy is issued
  • Premiums can be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually or lump-sum.
  • Lump-sup - Assurance One - coverage to $125,000 - ages 55-80
  • Oxford Life Assurance/FEX - Product Guide
  • Oxford Life Assurance/FEX - Application
  • Oxford Life Assurance/FEX - Height-Weight Chart
  • Oxford Life Assurance/FEX - Rate Card
  • Oxford Life Assurance One - FEX - lump sum - Product Guide
  • Oxford Life - Memorial Plan
  • Oxford Life - Final Expense Mobile Quoting App
  • Prosperity Select Single Premium Whole Life
  • Prosperity Select available to individuals ages 55 to 80
  • Face amount $30,000 to $500,000
  • 65 Year old female non-tobacco - $100,000 = $203,869 benefit
  • Return of Premium - 100% - from Day One
  • Only one premium to pay for the life of the policy
  • Immediate decision made during the point-of-sale interview
  • Immediate increase in the value of your estate
  • A guaranteed cash value that increases each year
  • Safety from market fluctuations
  • Guaranteed Death Benefit
  • Immediate approval decision made during the point-of-sale interview
  • Liquidity features in case you have a financial emergency
  • Accelerated benefits offered such as:
  • Chronic Illness Benefit
  • Terminal Illness Benefit
  • Nursing Home Benefit
  • Oxford Life Prosperity SPWL - Product Guide
  • Oxford Life Prosperity SPWL - Maximum Premium
  • Annuities by Oxford Life
  • Silver, Royal & Indexed Select™ Indexed Annuity - Benefit from the increase of the stock market without the downside risk of owning stock - 10k - 350k.
  • Oxford Life Multi-Year Guaranteed™ Annuity - 20k - 1 million.
  • Oxford Annuites offer: Principle Protection, A Set Rate of Interest, Guaranteed lifetime income if desired.
  • Oxford Annuites Surrender Charges Waived: A diagnosis of terminal, chronic illness or a need for care in a nursing home facility.
  • Issue ages range from 18-80.
  • Number 8 Insurer in USA in Multi-Year Guarantee Annuity Sales.
  • Lots of Annuity sales coming from Foresters and Fidelity Conversions.
  • Annuity Rates 3/1/2018: 3 year-2.45%, 4 year-3%, 5 year-3.1%, 6 year-3.5%, 7 year-3.35%, 8 year-3.6%, 9 year-3.5% & 10 year-3.55%.
  • Oxford Life Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuity Guide
  • Oxford Life Select Index Annuity Guide
  • Oxford Life Royal Select Index Annuity Guide
  • Oxford Life Silver Select Index Annuity Guide
  • Medicare Supplements by Oxford Life offered in the following states:
  • AZ, CA, ID, IN, IL, IA, MD, MI, MO, MT, OH, NE, NV, NC, ND, OK, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT & WY.
  • Oxford Life Medicare Supplement - Super Competitive - Plan G in IA, MO, NC, SC, OK & TX.
  • Oxford Life Medicare Supplement Product Guide
  • Oxford Life Medicare Supplement Underwriting Guide
  • Oxford Medicare Supplement State Map
  • Oxford Life Agent Login Site

Contract via NAAIP for Oxford Life:

NAAIP has a terrific system to help agents succeeed in this business. Step #1 - Sign up for the NAAIP website. We will help you in move your website up Google and as well as steps you that are need to be a successful 21st Century agent.

Just-in-Time contracting for the following states: Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona , California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, DC, Florida, Hawaii, Iowa, Idaho, Illinois, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming.

“Just In Time” contracting must be submitted within days of writing of business. Each state has a limit on the number of days allowed between the business being solicited or written and the date you are appointed with our Company. Failure to do so promptly may require a new application.

Special Rules: Florida – You must already be appointed with one (1) other carrier to be able to contract JIT, otherwise you must be appointed with Oxford Life before you may solicit or write any business.

In the eight (8) states listed below you must be pre-appointed before you may advertise, solicit or sell Oxford Life products: Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Montana, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Utah.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I submit business?:
A: 1. Request a contract from david@naaip.org. 2. Goto www.oxfordlife.com and press the forms icon at #8 on the phone dial. Click through to Oxford Life Sales Forms and New Business Forms. Just In time Contracting is in 90% of the States. 3. Print Forms. 4. Sell Product. 5. Client does phone interview (833-705-4019) via InstaWright process which which only takes 5-7 minutes. Hours are 8am-7pm CT. Online assessments are available instead of the phone call. Client must give ss number, address, and med authorization ok. The main issue will be prescription history check in Oxford's system. This is being done in the background. If declined, Oxford will not tell why immediately, but will send letter/or email to client as to why declined. Client can call in to Instaright themselves. Afterwards, agent sends in paper app via mail, eapp or via fax. Fax: 877-584-2777. email: fastapps@oxfordlife.com. - Make note that you filled out contracting to be appointed.

Q: Is "Just In Time" required for all products?
A: Yes, “Just In Time” contracting is required for all products in the “Just in Time” states. You must submit contracting to be appointed with Oxford Life prior to submitting business only in the pre-appointment states listed above.

Q: Where can I get supplies to write my first piece of business?
A: New business applications and forms are available at www.oxfordlife.com. Click on “Forms,” select the appropriate company, and then “New Business Forms.” You can then print all necessary supplies. Once your contract is approved, you may login to your agent portal where you can order additional supplies.

Q: When will my agent ID # be assigned?
A: Your agent ID with Oxford Life will be assigned upon approval of your contract. During our review, you may use the last four (4) digits of your SSN in the producer number field on the new business application in order to assist in identifying you when business is received. Submitting business does not automatically guarantee approval of your contract.

Q: What happens to my business if my contract is not approved in a "Just In Time" state?
A: Oxford Life will not accept any application for insurance if your contract is not approved. The application will be withdrawn and notice of this action will be sent to the applicant. Any premium received will be returned.

Q: When I submit contracting and a new business application, will I be appointed in all states that I am licensed?
A: For “Just In Time” states, you will be appointed in the state in which you submitted business. If you submit business in a state other than your resident state, you must pay the non-resident appointment fee. At your request, you may be appointed in any of the pre-appointment states. However, to be appointed in a pre-appointment state, in addition to contracting, you must submit your license(s) and any applicable non-residence fee(s).

Q: Who pays the non-resident appointment fee?
A: The producer must pay any non-resident appointment fees whether a “Just In Time” or pre-appointment state. You may pay this fee through the Agent Portal by selecting “My Tools” and “Fees.”

Q: What happens if I submit contracting, but not business in a "Just In Time" state?
A: Oxford Life will not request background reports and/or continue processing the contract without business in any “Just In Time” state. Your contract will be archived until business is received. We will keep your contract on file for 6 months.

Q: What else should I know before requesting to contract or soliciting a piece of business?
A: Oxford Life requires that you verify you have met all of the following requirements before submitting contracting:

Current Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance with coverage of $1 million per claim and aggregate;

AML training must be completed within the past 3 years;

Any delay in the above may require the pending application for business be withdrawn or re-dated with the applicant to adhere to all state requirements.

We look forward to doing business with you. If you have any questions, please call (800)770-0492.

Oxford Life's lead credit program. $4,000 or more issued and paid FEX in a month and Oxford Life will give you a free 1,000 piece mailer through certain lead vendors.

Oxford Life Appointing & Contracting Overview:

Oxford Life focuses on serving individuals who are nearing their retirement age by providing comprehensive and cost effective life insurance, annuities and Medicare supplement policies.

Oxford Life is also recognized by all top ratings providers, including A.M. Best "A-" rating. Most products available in all states except AL, MS, NY and WV. MT offers annuities but not life. Oxford Life will pay for resident appointment fee for agent, but not for non-resident. Contracting usually takes 7-10 days to get you a writing number. Vectors are not acceptable. Please request from us a contracting link.

  • Oxford Annuity Commission Schedule
  • Oxford Life Sales Commission Schedule
  • Oxford Medicare Supplement Commission Schedule

  • Oxford Life Insurance 2721 North Central Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85004.
    A.M. Best #: 007890 - NAIC #: 76112 - FEIN #: 860216483

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