How to Sell Medicare Supplemental Insurance by Phone

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Insurers can speed up the enrollment process by selling Medicare supplements by phone. Agents can reach more clients from the comfort of their office.

Selling Medicare supplements by phone

  • Nearly 10,000 individuals turn 65 each day, the senior market is exploding unlike any other market. Insurers actually want their agents to be selling Medicare supplement via the telephone using the latest technology. Medicare supplement sales agents can sell from virtually anywhere in the world. In fact, I personally know a few agents that work from Costa Rica of all places. Client applications are being processed and delivered in days as opposed to weeks. Insurance companies are encouraging their agents to sell via paperless applications which allow the insurers to be faster and more efficient.
  • The first baby boomer generation will soon become eligible to receive Medicare benefits. Ahead of it, a new generation of seniors is emerging. This generation is internet savvy and can fill forms online, which makes e-application a perfect solution. Insurance providers on the other hand can reach larger audiences through e-applications. Insurers now sell Medicare Supplements over the phone and fill customer’s information on online forms.
  • We now have the answer to the question: “how do you sell Medicare supplemental insurance by phone?” It was not possible few years back, but now it is a reality and numerous companies are using this facility to their advantage. Customers can fill the application and pay processing fees right there and then. It is a perfect example of paperless and efficient work.
  • Insurers can speed up the enrollment process by selling Medicare supplements by phone. Agents, on the other hand, can reach more clients while sitting in the comfort of their office. They can save on mailing costs and unnecessary paper work. Agents and insurance providers save money and time as they are not required to travel to meet the client face to face.
  • Since we are familiar with how to sell Medicare supplemental insurance by phone, we should understand why we should sell it. Several factors enable agents and companies to save money, this means companies get direct contracts, and agents can earn more. With a built in quote engine and facility to close call, it is the right time to sell insurance by phone with your company.

Selling Medicare supplements by phone

Some Tips on How to Sell Medicare Supplemental Insurance by Phone

  • As you call to sell insurance by phone it is better to state how long the call will last rather than asking if it’s a good time to talk. You should wind up the call in the time stated by you. Address your prospects by their first name and in return pronounce your name clearly to them. Avoid stating your company name unless it is necessary. If you are not able to finish your call in the agreed time, ask whether they would like to continue the talk.
  • Your prospect will appreciate your respect for time. As your prospect allows to continue the calls, try initiating a discussion with some open ended questions. Try to move to a casual conversation by addressing the person with his or her first name. Try to engage your prospect and make the call interesting by telling stories as to how they can benefit by purchasing Medicare supplement by phone.
  • Your voice should carry some energy and your facial expression should be just as if you are talking to that person face to face. Try it! There will be a huge difference with the way you talk on the phone. Your prospect cannot see your face; therefore, your voice should carry that expression. When you come to an end, made sure you summarize the key benefits of purchasing Medicare Supplemental insurance by phone. You should be clear with your objective and what you have to say before you make the call.
  • As you master the art of how to sell Medicare supplemental insurance by phone, you should be able to make your prospect fill out the application form by the time you finish your call. Other signs of a good call are whether you are able to fix a meeting with the prospect to fill the application or the prospect agreeing to a follow up call some time later.
  • If your prospect does not pick up the call, make sure to leave a voicemail. Keep the message short and don’t forget to mention your name and company name. State your phone number slowly; it is better if you repeat it. Make sure to make a follow up call after 2 or 3 days if the prospect does not get back to you.



* The information provided is intended for licensed insurance agents only. It is not intended for the purpose of advertising the insurance products to the general public.


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